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Wine AppellationsFleurieElegant & Velvety, Born of Pink Stone

Fleurie is an elegant wine with a refined, silky body. Deep carmine red in color, the wine features floral and fruity aromas like iris, violet, rose, red fruit and vine peach.

For Wine Geeks

Fleurie is found in the north of Beaujolais and covers an unbroken area of three square miles. The soil here is almost entirely made up of pinkish granite that is unique to this part of Beaujolais. The area can be divided into two zones. In the higher, steeper areas of the appellation, the soil is thin, acidic and dry. This produces very light and aromatic wines. Below the main village, the terrain is deeper with a little clay. These wines are fuller-bodied and age well.
Many winemakers here use a technique called gridding, which involves extracting more color and tannin from the skins of the grapes. In all, 180 growers produce more than 5.5 million bottles a year.

For Showoffs

Founded in 1927, La Cave des Producteurs des Grands Vins de Fleurie is the oldest wine co-operative in the Beaujolais region. Today, it is responsible for roughly one third of the appellation’s total production.