Discover Beaujolais

Wine AppellationsCôte de BrouillyThe Elegant Wine on the Hill

This bright crimson wine is both elegant and meaty. Côte de Brouilly features aromas of fresh grape and iris. Delicate and lively, these wines are best after a little cellaring, which adds to their elegance.

For Wine Geeks

The terrain here is largely uniform. Gamay grapes are grown in a soil of granite, diorite (plutonic rock) and schist. In Côte de Brouilly, there is a constant battle against soil erosion. The vinegrowers dig channels into the slopes to drain off water and regularly add mulch between the vines. The 1.3 square mile area accommodates 50 growers who produce an annual average of 2 million bottles.

For Showoffs

In Odenas, the heart of Côte de Brouilly, the buildings are constructed using unusual mottled blue stones. This is a constant reminder of the diorite-rich soils on the slopes of Mont Brouilly. Diorite is a hard volcanic rock from the Palaeozoic era that gives this Cru its unique flavor.