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Wine AppellationsChiroublesThe Most "Beaujolais" of All the Crus

Ruby red in appearance with floral aromas of violet, iris, lily-of-the-valley and peony, Chiroubles is known as a gentle yet lively wine. Tasting notes include red fruits typical of the Gamay grape.

For Wine Geeks

Around the village of Chiroubles, a type of sand called gore provides the grapes near-perfect growing conditions. The result is texture so delicate, Chiroubles is referred to as the “most Beaujolais” of all the Crus. Temperatures in Chiroubles are lower than in other parts of Beaujolais, which means that the vines are five to 10 days behind the normal growing cycle. Chiroubles is also the Cru grown at the highest altitude, cultivated between 820 and 1,475 feet above sea level. A little more than one square mile accommodates the area’s 60 growers, who produce an average of 2.3 million bottles a year.

For Showoffs

When planting the original vineyards on some of the plots, individual holes had to be bored into the rock for the vines to be able to take hold.