The highest rated of all the Beaujolais Crus, Moulin-à-Vent is ruby to dark garnet in color with floral and fruity aromas. Full-bodied and complex, these wines have hints of iris, spice and ripe fruit.

When young, they feature a dominance of violet and cherry flavors. After a few years, the bouquet develops aromas of iris, spice and ripe fruit. Later, undergrowth and truffle aromas begin to come through, followed by musk and game.

Mainly facing east, Moulin-à-Vent is found 750 to 1,280 feet above sea level. Made up of crumbly pink granite called gore, its soil has seams of manganese that give Moulin-à-Vent its specific character. Across more than two square miles, 280 growers produce an average of 4.25 million bottles a year.

The Mâcon courts first registered Moulin-à-Vent in 1924 in an effort to combat counterfeit wines. The appellation area has never changed and today’s wine is produced from the same granite-based soil. A windmill that was classified as a historical monument in 1930 is the well-known symbol of the Cru.

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