Discover Beaujolais

Wine AppellationsSaint-AmourThe Romantic Cru

Saint-Amour is the most northerly Cru, as well as one of the smallest. A soft, fruity and floral wine, it has aromas of red fruit, peony, peach, kirsch, spice and mignonette.

For Wine Geeks

Saint-Amour is found in the far north of the vine-growing region, where the soil features intermingling granite and clay, schist and limestone. It comprises 115 growers that produce an average of 1.6 million bottles a year.
Saint-Amour wines taste best within 12 to 15 months of the harvest. Two types of wine are made in the appellation. Light, fruity wines are very typical and produced by quick maceration. Bolder wines with aromas of kirsch, spice and mignonette are also made in Saint-Amour and are at their best after four to five years of ageing.

For Showoffs

Designated as a Cru in 1946, Saint-Amour is known today as the most romantic Beaujolais of all. In fact, 20 to 25 percent of Saint-Amour sales occur in February, and a label featuring Cupid is created just for Valentine’s Day – testaments to this Cru’s quixotic character.