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Wine AppellationsRégniéThe Creative

Régnié features raspberry, red currant, sloe and blackberry aromas. Its flavor profile of red berries is both fresh and structured, leading to a very aromatic wine with good length and a touch of mineral and spice.

For Wine Geeks

Régnié is spread over one square mile on pink granite, mineral-rich terrain. Grapes here are grown on hillsides found approximately 1,150 feet above sea level. These aromatic wines mature early. A Régnié may be enjoyed early in the year and will keep for three to five years.
From large to small, many Régnié vine growers use integrated and even organic vine growing and winemaking techniques. They husband their land and vines for future generations, limiting the use of chemical products. There are 80 growers here who produce an average of 2 million bottles a year.

For Showoffs

Régnié was awarded Cru status on December 8, 1988, making it the youngest of the Crus. The majority of the village’s 950 inhabitants are part of the Régnié winemaking process at one stage or another.