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Wine AppellationsJuliénasThe "Bon Vivant"

Juliénas is an earthy, weighty wine with a deep ruby red color and strawberry, violet, cinnamon, red currant and peony aromas. Juliénas are powerful wines with delicious flavors of vanilla and spice.

For Wine Geeks

In the far northwest of the winemaking region, this appellation area encompasses four villages: Juliénas, Jullié, Emeringes and Pruzilly. Juliénas wine gets its characteristics from the wide range of different terrains within the area.
Local growers say it is one of the most varied areas of the region. It includes granite-based soils in the west, ancient alluvial deposits in the east and some sandy soils with clay content as high as 30 percent. In two square miles, 120 producers make about 4 million bottles a year.

For Showoffs

The starting point of vine growing in the Beaujolais region, the roots of Juliénas trace back more than 2,000 years. Juliénas and Jullié, two out of the four communes that produce this appellation, take their name from Julius Caesar, as vines were grown on the communes’ hillsides during the Gallo-Roman period.